1. Improved Strength & Mobility

    I train at Human Performance to improve my strength and mobility after hip surgery.  To regain and maintain my strength.  To improve my overall health and wellbeing by staying active.  I am successful when I focus on my nutrition, my workouts, and follow the training system provided.

    Jonathan Trice
  2. Nothing But Impressed From Day 1

    A friend of mine started going to a gym and looked great.  He referred me to Human Performance and raved about it.  From day 1 I have been nothing but impressed with my experiences at Human Performance. I get 1 on 1 training in a group setting without braking the bank.  My individual progress and goals are constantly being monitored. The programs are created for my individual needs to create maximum performance and help me reach my goals. Since starting with Human Performance I noticed and increase in energy and my self-confidence has increased.  I have lost several inches and strength is continually improving. I have tried many different programs over the years and I have no doubt that I will be able to reach my goals here.  I have found a home here at Human Performance-

    Lisa Gryll
  3. The Best Trainers – Even For Kids

    Ciro’s knowledge and adaptability to my strengths and weakness are better any that I have found.  I trust him so much I have brought my kids here.  I believe he can make their lives better to. After one month I noticed a change.  I was successful after I felt inspired and encouraged to do more.

    Paul Pustelnik
  4. Healthier & Stronger Than Ever

    I continue to train at Human Performance because I know I will be pushed past my max.  I always get a great workout and even through my struggles, Ciro is always trying to find ways to help me get past those struggles.  At one point I can say that I have lost 30 pounds.  I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been

    Laura Wood
  5. Training The Right Way

    I train at Human Performance because of the education I receive with regards to the body and movement of the muscles.  I like coming here because it pushes me to train the right way.  Its one on one training even in a small group environment.  I use get cramps and it felt as though my hamstring was pulling but through activation I was able to be more conscious of it during my workouts. I am very impressed with the way my hamstring feels during my workouts and have no pain.  I cannot wait for what is to come with my future workouts.

    David Aguirre
  6. 30 Pounds Gone!

    I love the motivation and dedication I get from Ciro as a trainer.  He pushes me when I might not push myself.  I have lost about 30 pounds and am looking forward to losing more for my upcoming wedding.

    Amie Woldman
  7. Challenging Workouts

    Human Performance takes the time to make a workout challenging and makes an effort to add into the workout regimen components of strength training variations and functional movement.  I feel good and healthy.  I have controlled my weight, improved my movement, and feel stronger.

    Krit Anand
  8. Never Gets Boring!

    I like Ciro’s style of training and dedication to the client.  He works on a total body platform, while working on different muscle groups and is very attuned to the client’s needs.  I like the variety of workouts and routines it never gets boring.  My body is more flexible with less pain and fatigue.  I feel conditioned enough to maintain my physique.

    Kamal Dutt