1. Healthier and Stronger than Ever

    I continue to train at Human Performance because I know I will be pushed past my max.  I always get a great workout and even through my struggles, Ciro is always trying to find ways to help me get past those struggles.  At one point I can say that I have lost 30 pounds.  I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been

    Laura Wood
  2. Maximum Performance

    Every aspect of my fitness has improved. I have lost weight, improved my aerobic and anaerobic fitness, improved my muscle strength and stamina, improved my balance, increased my range of motion, improved my movement quality and neuromuscular integrity, and improved my diet–all while avoiding injury. Overall, I’m in the best shape of my adult life.

    Mark Bills
  3. Stronger and Healthier

    Thank You HP for everything you have done to make me stronger and healthier.

    Jill Cutler
  4. Making it Fun

    Thank you Human Performance for being a great trainer-pushing me hard and making it fun!! 2014 is going to be the year I hit my goals and I couldn’t do it without you!

    Melissa Bishop
  5. I am Amazed

    It is unbelievable the changes you have made in me over the last nine months.  I am amazed and appreciate every time I look in the mirror. Thanks and Thanks again

    Rich Huson
  6. In 5 Months I Lost 20Lbs

    I just wanted to thank you Human Performance for everything you’ve done to help me in losing 20lbs.  I started working with you in May of this year.  I never thought that in 5 months that I would have lost 20lbs.  I know it would not have happened if I had to do it on my own.  I look forward to the weeks to come and more pounds lost.  Keep doing what you do because I am grateful and so thankful to have Human Performance as my trainer.

    Shanda Shephard
  7. Encouragement – They Go Beyond

    Thank You for Pushing me to go beyond what I think I can do.  Just when I think “that’s it I’m done” you make me do 5 more! I really appreciate your encouragement and help.

    Jan Winters
  8. 178 to 145 and Counting

    Human Performance I could not be happier with the results of our workouts.  I am down to my goal weight of 145.  You did a great job making me work hard.  I will keep hearing “Breathe” “Ok you got this” “you can do this” “Great motivation, I figured if you thought I could- I could.  Congratulations you got an old lady moving! 178 to 145 and Counting!

    Patty Bleau
  9. Makes Me Feel Powerful When I Leave

    When I started this journey at Human Performance, I weighed in at over 200 pounds.  This was not the first gym I joined and not the first time I tried to lose weight. I felt like I failed at every weight loss program and regiment that I came across.  When I got tired I stopped, if it hurt I stopped, when I didn’t lose weight I completely stopped.  I almost came to terms that I was going to be “big” the rest of my life.  Then I came across Human Performance and decided to give this personal trainer thing a shot.  I started coming once a week for two months. I was really tired and was sore, but then I was losing weight.  Then I came in twice a week for a month.  I was kind of tired and it continued to make me sore, but I was losing inches.  Since November 2012, I have been coming in three times a week. Now, if I am not sore or tired, then I am not working hard enough.  This is a caring and non judge mental facility that makes me feel powerful when I leave.  Human Performance makes me work harder than I ever have before.  I trust Human Performance completely when I do exercises that I have only seen on TV.  This time, this place, has finally worked. To date I have lost 73 glorious lbs & 45 amazing inches.

    Kathy Pustelnik
  10. No More Knee Brace!

    I train at Human Performance because Ciro takes a sincere interest in helping his clients achieve their fitness goals. He tailors their workouts to focus on the areas that a client is struggling with and helps develop the strength and confidence in those areas to enable the client to progress to more challenging workouts.

    My biggest challenge is mobility especially in my knees and hips. When I began training at Human Performance I would wear a brace on my left knee which was unstable and weak.  After working with Ciro and following the training routine tailored to my strengths and weaknesses I was able to work out without the knee brace.  I have continued to work out without the knee brace for over 3 years and to improvements in my mobility and joint stability.

    Kevin Ohara