Makes Me Feel Powerful When I Leave

When I started this journey at Human Performance, I weighed in at over 200 pounds.  This was not the first gym I joined and not the first time I tried to lose weight. I felt like I failed at every weight loss program and regiment that I came across.  When I got tired I stopped, if it hurt I stopped, when I didn’t lose weight I completely stopped.  I almost came to terms that I was going to be “big” the rest of my life.  Then I came across Human Performance and decided to give this personal trainer thing a shot.  I started coming once a week for two months. I was really tired and was sore, but then I was losing weight.  Then I came in twice a week for a month.  I was kind of tired and it continued to make me sore, but I was losing inches.  Since November 2012, I have been coming in three times a week. Now, if I am not sore or tired, then I am not working hard enough.  This is a caring and non judge mental facility that makes me feel powerful when I leave.  Human Performance makes me work harder than I ever have before.  I trust Human Performance completely when I do exercises that I have only seen on TV.  This time, this place, has finally worked. To date I have lost 73 glorious lbs & 45 amazing inches.

Kathy Pustelnik