FA-img2Before we work with you to determine a quality, unique and personal workout program, we first must perform a fitness assessment. Because this accurately analyzes where you are with your fitness now, we are able to openly discuss your goals and what you need to do to get there so you can achieve your fitness dreams.

This fitness training consultation begins with defining expectations. You will be assigned a personal trainer who will work with you, every step of the way, monitoring your progress and formatting your program to fit your needs. Getting to know each other’s expectations, personalities, wants and fitness history, it will be easier to have a mutual understanding about what needs to happen going forward.

Then we will begin the formal fitness assessment:



We need to understand where you’ve been in order to help you proceed to where you want to go. Your personal trainer will learn about your health history, any past injuries you’ve suffered and your training history.

Whether you have never been in a sport or you have been going to a personal trainer for most of your athletic life, our fitness club has a way to get you the results you are looking for.

Cardio Training Program Variables

Your will undergo a VO2 or Heart Rate Monitored Fitness Test in order to determine a range of cardio training program variables which include a target for calories burned per week, intensity level time targets, and overall activity level. With these results, we are able to understand what kind of exercise your body reacts to best.

Motion and Flexibility

In order to accurately evaluate your range of motion and flexibility, we request that you perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). A 7-movement test that analyzes movements commonly found in our functional training system, we want to identify any muscle imbalances which might eventually cause an injury. In this way, we are able to customize your program to address and correct these imbalances in order to help you safely achieve your goals.

We make sure that this evaluation is neither painful nor embarrassing, and the movements include: 

  • Squatting
  • Stepping
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Hip Function
  • Trunk Stability
  • Rotation

Free Body-Fat Analysis

Using a high-caliber machine, we are able to accurately determine your Body Mass Index so we have a thorough understanding of your body composition and what we can do to improve it.

Call us now to find out more, and schedule your assessment at Human Performance’s fitness center today!