The bread and butter of Human Performance lies within The Functional Training System. Through trials and tribulations of working at various local gyms with typical weights and treadmills, I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a training program. Therefore, after spending plenty of time researching different training methods, I developed The Functional Training System which optimizes strength and conditioning through progressive workouts.

There are four parts to The Functional Training System:

  1. Neuromuscular Integrity
  2. Correct Faulty Movement Patterns
  3. Common Movements
  4. Optimum Training Level

Neuromuscular Integrity means your mind and your body are on the same page. This clear communication decreases injury risk and allows you to optimize your strength and conditioning.

Correct Faulty Movement Patterns. That sounds pretty self-explanatory because we don’t want to be improperly training. You want to build the right muscle at the right time.

Common Movements adheres to the daily physical movements such as walking and sitting. For example, a stronger back gives you better posture.

Optimum Training Level is an individually set goal that can continually change in order to give your body the best health, strength and conditioning. By finding this level, you ensure you are meeting your goals, setting new ones and meeting them again.

There’s plenty to be said about The Functional Training System, so check back for more in-depth blogs about each step. In the mean time, think about some of the goals you’d like to achieve in your fitness training and healthy life. You can always stop by Human Performance for a free consultation; we’d love to see you.