Welcome to the Human Performance blog. It’s our gym’s platform for tips and tricks of fitness training which we will constantly share with you. Whether you’re here in Lisle and can train with us, or somewhere far away, we hope that this blog serves to keep you motivated through various workouts, healthy lifestyle stories, as well as the news around Human Performance.

To start the blog, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of Human Performance’s mission, people and lifestyle.

Everything you need to succeed can be found at Human Performance. A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. Whether that means training yourself at local gyms or working with a personal trainer from Human Performance, the goal is to be your best self. At Human Performance, we offer sports performance training, personal training, and group fitness training. This way you can workout with your team, self, or friends.

Our facility is full of passionate team members who make it their goal to help you meet yours. We push you further than you thought you could go because we know you mean business about your health and strength. We know you are capable of immense strength and incredible conditioning, so when you think you need to quit before you hit your goal, we are there to push you to your limit. And then we are there to celebrate when you reach your bench marks!

Functional Training is the heart of Human Performance. We’ve found a way to give you better results in less time by focusing our efforts on progressive achievement. There will be plenty of future blogs about the functional training system.

We strive to make our gym membership prices affordable so that anyone may work for a stronger, healthier life. Contact us, or stop by if you live in Lisle, IL, for a free consultation and gym-walk-through.